Planning for 2021 — B2B Marketing

  1. Lead a Bluesky Brainstorm (2 hours at least) Everyone shares all and any ideas they have that will move the needle on the 2021 Marketing goals (ex. GOAL: Drive $1M in pipeline through marketing-led programs IDEA: Launch a monthly webinar series targeting the ICP in paid promotions) Review all these ideas and group similar ideas together to prep for the next step.
  2. After you review all the ideas and share them as a group take the ideas and re-plot them on a 2x2 grid Impact vs Effort. Anything in the box (Low Impact High effort box is taken off the table and eliminate — BE HARSH 2021 is not a time to waste time)
  3. Focus on the ideas in the top quadrants High Impact Low Effort: This need to be done in Q1, they are your quick wins High Impact High Effort: These need more planning and may need two quarters to complete so get a plan in place to tackle these
  4. Now look at these top quadrant ideas and put placeholders for each quarter on what activities you will focus on to drive marketing outcomes. Remember you cannot do it all, all at the same time! 5. The final step to ensure everyone on your team has defined projects that are aligned to the overall business goals — ask each team member to look at the prioritized projects and complete their own 2–3 top goals for Q1 and metric that will define success for each one. Come together as a team to share and tweak where there may be overlap or gaps.




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